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If you want to experience Israel's nature in the purest way possible, Israel has some of the best multi-day treks the world has to offer.

The Most Diverse Trails in the World

Israel is unrivalled in the short distances you can travel to drastically change your landscape. With craters resembling the surface of mars, snow-capped mountain peaks, desert dunes of the Sahara Desert, and lush mediteranean woodland, in a few days you can get a good grip on this stunningly varied country. But if you want to do a deep dive - escape the crowds and get in to Israel's pristine untouched nature - then a multi-day trek with Israel Trails might be just the thing for you. From short 2-day city loops to the months-long Israel National Trail, our guides will keep you interested, supplied and safe. See our most popular treks below, or be in touch for a custom hike perfectly tailored to you.



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3 Days

Yam l'Yam

Cross 3 continents in 3 days and see the rich diversity that northern Israel has on offer

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2 Days

Jerusalem Trail

See the landmarks and hear the stories of the holiest city on earth

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5 Days

Golan Trail

The perfect mix of ancient and modern history, with stunning valleys and waterfalls to boot

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Trip 5 - Har Ardon.jpg
3 Days

Ramon Crater

See Israel's most astounding landmark from every angle with the Ramon Crater loop

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3 Days

Footsteps Trail

Nazareth, Magdala, Capernaum - bring these legendary places to life in the Eastern Galilee

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50 Days

Israel Trail

This 1000+km trek is one of National Geographic's top 20 epic trails worldwide

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