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In 2022, we know that now more than ever, engaging virtual experiences are an important tool for education and growth. That's why we use licensed Israel tour guides, as well as high definition and 360° immersive cameras. It's not the same as being there - but its the next best thing.


Looking for the highest quality virtual tours available?

All our tours feature high definition, stabilised video that transports the viewer from their seat straight to the holy land.

With an extensive library of pre-recorded locations, and any new locations available on request, Israel Video Tours is the premier virtual tour experience for classrooms, sunday schools and synagogues worldwide.



All tours listed are samples. Israel Video Tours works closely with educators and families to tailor the perfect topics and depth for each audience. Be in touch today.


Holy City

Why Jerusalem is the home of the three Abrahamic traditions


Dead Sea

See Masada, Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea on this popular tour

Jewish Quarter.jpg

Jewish Quarter

Explore the streets where Jews have been living for millenia


Mount of Olives

Hear the stories that make this part of Israel holy to so many

Tower of David (2).jpg

Tower of David

Join us and learn the 3,000 year history of Jerusalem

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